“Laura Moy (trained in contemporary dance) does precise, emotionally exquisite things on the Chinese pole — traditionally a rather showy device in circus. A duet with Barny Wreyford, accompanied by Shaena Brandel’s folk song, says as much about a tender relationship as any scripted scene could. Moy’s solo on the pole after it’s been uprooted and suspended is simply gorgeous.”
Donald Hutera, The Times, on FLOWN by Pirates of the Carabina. Edinburgh Festival

“In addition to the beauty, strength and choreography of the circus routines, special mention must go to Laura Moy. It’s hard to know which we found more impressive: her skill on the Chinese pole or her verbal dexterity. The rhythm and imagery of her poetry – “..swallow pencil. throw up the lead..” – knocked us breathless.”
LucyLovesCircus on Façade by Crashmat Collective. The Albany, Deptford

“Performed by the petite Laura Moy (and Munn), a counterweighted flying pole act is beyond beautiful; serene and overflowing with the sensation of flying, even for us, transfixed in our seats. Another more traditional pole act becomes a thrilling, gravity defying pas de deux.”
by XS Entertainment, on FLOWN by Pirates of the Carabina. Brisbane Festival 2015

“Laura Moy’s swinging Chinese pole is simply exquisite”
The List on FLOWN by Pirates of The Carabina, Edinburgh Festival

“One of the standout acts is dancer-turned-aerialist Laura Moy’s ­flying pole routine. The pint-sized acrobat spins, twirls and climbs a vertical pole that, under Munn’s control, rotates and “flies”. He never takes his eyes of Moy, or any of the other performers, as he gracefully scales and ­descends the stage’s scaffolding, countering Moy’s supple routine. The result is akin to a beautiful ballet.”
The Courier Mail on FLOWN by Pirates of the Carabina. Brisbane Festival 2016

“My personal favourite circus artist was the Chinese pole performer, Laura Moy. She had two major acts; one on a traditional Chinese pole with Barny Wreyford that was excellently choreographed and full of feeling and tenderness. The other featured a swinging Chinese pole and was an extended solo routine. This act was jam-packed with technical moves and sequences and featured at least one drop that had the audience gasping in unity. It was literally breath-taking. Combined with the music, Laura’s solo act the most beautiful, as well as technically accomplished, act in the whole show. It sent tingles down my spine.”
from Firetoys on FLOWN by Pirates of the Carabina

“I’m tucking into a rather tasty main course of garlic chicken when a waitress asks the routine question, ‘Is everything okay with your meal?’ Before I can respond with an equally routine, ‘Yes, delicious!’ She has shimmied up a 15-foot pole and begun an aerialist act of elegance, poise and supreme athleticism.”
Wales Arts Review on Façade by Crashmat Collective. The Riverfront Theatre

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