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Hetty Feather press review quotes:

I was involved in the initial devising process of Hetty Feather and have performed as Madame Adeline and as part of the ‘six-strong’ ensemble for all of its performances to date.

photographer: Helen Murray. I am pictured top right and bottom centre (in hoop)

Hetty Feather is a rich, warm and inventive show and one of the most charming dramas I’ve seen all year.. This work is too good for fans of theatre to miss.’  ‘ingenious aerial work is undertaken by the appealing six-strong ensemble’. – Fiona Mountford
★★★★★Evening Standard


‘The incredible set literally provides another dimension (namely upwards!) through its use of ladders, trapeze rings and ropes. These are brilliantly used to create a childlike feeling of wonder, as well as giving a symbolic device for the characters to express themselves. A balletic trapeze section at the end of the second half was exceptionally well done, conveying the trials and tribulations of love without saying a word.’

‘The cast is wonderful in what is actually an incredibly complex and multi-layered production. A fairly small group takes on six or seven parts each, all encompassing a variety of different accents. As well as acting their socks off as both children and adults, they are also called upon to show their circus skills, sing and often play instruments. It’s a superb team effort; they’re all on stage (or in the air!) for almost the entire production and they never let the energy drop, whilst still managing to deliver subtle and entertaining performances.’

‘Hetty Feather is a triumph – although it’s ostensibly for children, it’s a touching and absorbing tale for all ages. It combines multiple artistic elements to fantastic effect and manages to be funny, uplifting and sad, sometimes all in the same scene.’ – Danny Coleman-Cooke

★★★★★British Theatre

‘This is very much an ensemble piece with many of the six talented actors multi-roling to great effect and with tremendous energy. There is impressive aerial work and circus skills with strong physical performances.’

‘Hetty’s “picturing” brings magical, imagined adventures and her visit to the circus where she meets Madame Adeline (Nikki Warwick), a truly skilled performance on the suspended ring, convincing her that she must be her mother because of her red hair.’ – Robin Strapp (British Theatre Guide)


‘With a cast of just six and a few humble props, it treats us to a character-crammed adventure that enthralls its young audience with ease for two hours.’

The cast displays protean physicality. With nothing more than the switch of a hat, or the wielding of a wooden plank, they transform from unruly toddlers to cockney market stall holders, from keening mothers to circus performers.’ – Lucinda Everett

The Telegraph ★★★★★


‘The cast of six — all dressed in matching stripy Victorian underwear — are accomplished circus performers, constantly wowing the audience with acrobatics, rope, and aerial silk and hoop sequences. A special mention must go to Nikki Warwick as Madame Adeline, whose performance brings gasps of delight.’ – Alice Grahame
★★★★The Londonist

‘There is complete commitment throughout as the actors gamely embrace their multitude of roles, finding humour in physicality and pathos in the text. There is impressive movement too, as the circus themes permeating the piece inform the physical journeys of the performers. They leap and climb all over the set, part aerial display, part kids on a climbing frame, turning ladders into beds, and love affairs into beautiful suspended ballets. It all has the boundless energy of youth and captures the very spirit of Hetty herself.’ – Will Clarkson

★★★★★West End Frame


‘It is one of the best family orientated shows I have ever seen…. the entire cast deliver with utter conviction….this is stonking good theatre in its purest form.’ Neil Norman

★★★★★Daily Express

‘The six athletic, versatile actors perform on a set, by Katie Sykes, looks like a circus ring…..The agile cast – including Matt Costain, Paul Mundell, Isaac Stanmore and Nikki Warwick – become circus horses or uniformed foundlings or Hetty’s foster siblings and we accept them in each new guise. We get songs, acrobatics and humour in a sharp evocation of childhood that tackles big themes – home, love, identity- without ever neglecting to tell a good yarn. This joy for all ages rivals Matilda the musical as a family show worthy of the West End.’ Dominic Maxwell  ★★★★★The Times

To be a Tiger by Nikki Warwick (Arts Council funded) Incubator Showcase at The Egg Theatre in Bath 2019

Nikki Warwick’s To Be a Tiger, an uncompromisingly honest piece about the fury of the child and the frustrations of parenting.’ Lyn Gardner writing in The Stage about ‘the boldness’ of the early stage work seen during the Incubator Ideas Festival at the Egg Theatre in Bath, which presents and produces work for young people and their families.

Yana and the Yeti review quotes:

I was instrumental in the devising of Yana and the Yeti as a performer for Pickled Image. We made the show in Norway on the Lofoten Islands with Nordland Visual Theatre.
(I also performed in Santa’s Little Trolls with Pickled Image.)

‘Brilliant Bristol puppeteers Pickled Image proved with previous shows like Santa’s Little Trolls and Fireside tales with Grandad that they are totally inside two idioms in particular: vivid, engaging puppetry that speaks to children and adults alike, and the wonder we all feel for the sparse, luminous landscapes, and a mix of beauty and fear, of the far North’……’the company’s new show finds them as at home as ever in these two worlds. Magical, beguiling, emotional and eye-wideningly beautiful, Yana and the Yeti is an eloquent tale of a young girl who pitches up in a strange new place that she must call home, where no one knows or understands her (hell, no one can even say her name – as eloquent a motif for foreignness and isolation as you could think of), and who ultimately finds friendship in the unlikeliest of places.’

‘Pickled Image work wonders at every turn here. Performers Vicky Andrews, Adam Fuller and Nikki Warwick are perfect as puppeteers and voices alike – totally engaged, beautifully manipulating their creations, slipping deftly back into the darkness. Hattie Naylor’s script is brilliant: a made-up proto-Nordic babel which is nonetheless, accompanied by the puppets’ vivid gestures and the puppeteers’ expressive deliveries, totally intelligible at every turn.’

‘The mood of this piece is also striking. Pickled Image are not afraid to make their tales profoundly atmospheric, haunting – even, momentarily, bleak and melancholy when Yana’s fortunes are at her lowest and the woods loom deep and dark around her. This is big-hearted, lyrical storytelling that leaves an emotional impact in audiences both young and old.’

Steve Wright – B24/7

‘Director Emma Lloyd’s production has the puppets switching between being full-size on one side of the stage and minute figures navigating a birds-eye-view frosty village on the other. Performers and puppeteers Vicky Andrews, Adam Fuller and Nikki Warwick move the marvellously detailed characters, the work of Pickled Image and Emma Powell, between the two with precision.’
Rosemary Waugh
★★★★The Stage

photographer: Adam Laity
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